🛫🍸Join our 10 day Gin-Themed Safari through South Africa (Only 36 spots.)

This is a truly unique trip, because normally you can’t “just visit” South Africa. 🏞️

Of course you can book any commercial safari… But then there is so much you won’t see. For example, did you know you could:

✅Spend time up close with elephants in a closed off sanctuary that protects them from hunters.

✅Visit some of South Africa’s oldest Gin refineries where we, as Marula Gin, can offer you an exclusive tasting where you can quite literally taste South Africa’s rich history.

✅Stay in the country’s top lodgings without spending a fortune. And there’s even one where the cheetahs take a nap next to you by the pool.

✅Meet up with a park ranger who will teach you how to track animals so you can understand them in a whole new way. A skill you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life and maybe even come in handy one day.

✅Most people only do jeep safaris, but we as Marula Gin also include boat safari’s where you discover the panoramic route from a whole new perspective.

✅Visit the largest Tufa waterfall in the continent and the second largest waterfall in the world. (If you’re not familiar with Tufa waterfalls, definitely look them up!)

If it weren’t for our Marula Gin products, we would have never discovered these incredible experiences. 🐘

In order to share these activities with you, we are now organizing our very own Marula Safari.

You can read all about the safari in our digital brochure which you can download here:

Discover the dayplan, lodgings, pricing and dates.

To maintain the quality of the trip, we only made 36 spots available, and the first 10 are already gone!

So if you want to join, or would like some more information, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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